Space Gallery wishes to represent and serve our artists the best we can. By keeping up to date with news and trends of the art world SPACE Gallery has appeared in the news every once in awhile. The following links will redirect you to articles that have been written for art exhibitions held at SPACE Gallery.   

                                      LIC Emerging Artists Festival

                                                 Opening Friday June 6th and running until June 13th, the festival brings some big names from the Manhattan Art scene alongside local emerging talent. The artists displaying there original works at eclectic pop up venues such as ‘Vespa Queens’, Nesva Hotel’ and ‘Space Gallery’


                                      Queens Arts Festival to Feature Live Body-Painting

                                                 An arts festival taking place in Queens this weekend will make use of some unusual canvases — such as Vespa scooters and human bodies.

                                   Something New for the Long Island City Art World

                                             The newest up-and-coming artists could be discovered in Long Island City as Conception Events introduces New York City to dozens of artists during the first Emerging Artists Festival weekend.​

                                  Mexican Murals in Long Island City

                                             Long Island City’s Space Art Gallery celebrated Mexican culture and the birth of Mexican leader and hero Benito Juarez. The event was held on March 22 with an opening reception for emerging artist, GABINO ABRAHAM CASTELAN.

                                 SOCIAL OPENING RECEPTION

                                            Join us for an evening of art, poetry, music and dance and a lecture on muralism as we celebrate the workers of the world with the opening of Gabino Abraham Castelán, a socially engaged artist committed to connecting the local community to art, artists, and organizations.

                      John Smalls Exhibits Artwork During Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-Inspired Month at SPACE  Gallery LIC

                            John Smalls has two big passions: Brazilian Jui Jitsu and vistual arts. The graphic designer says that the two disciplines are similar in that the practitioner must creat a good foundation in both - or all is lost.

                     Queens Economic Development Corporation: Things To Do

                              Feb. 6, Opening Reception for John Smalls, 6 pm. Smalls is an artist and a student of the martial arts.

                        WISH: A Group Exhibition

This Thursday, SPACE Gallery once again opens its doors to host a new group exhibition, “Wish”, which invites artists to reflect upon the passing year, make wishes for the New Year and share their interpretation of "wish".

                         FAVORS Project Shows New Yorkers’ Generosity

                                      Walking a neighbor’s dog. Making dinner for a sick friend.  Buying a slice of pizza for a homeless man.  Those were some of the favors New Yorkers performed this year to quash the myth that we are not so nice.​

                             ArtSlant Description

In 2013 artist Priscilla Stadler challenged the people of Queens –and beyond – to disprove the stereotype of New Yorker as cutthroat, egotistical by doing favors for friends, family and strangers. What happened? Visit the FAVORS installation to find out.


                         Artist Priscilla Stadler, FAVORS Installation Now until November 23

Artist Priscilla Stadler challenged the people of Queens – and beyond – to disprove the stereotype of New Yorkers as cut-throat egomaniacs by doing favors for friends, family and strangers. What happened? Come to the Space Gallery and find out.

                         Long Island City art exhibit to buck negative New Yorker stereotypes FAVORS highlights the everyday acts of kindness preformed by city residents through a series of paper spirals

From a stranger catching a runaway pet to a young boy making his little brother laugh, a new art exhibit plans to shatter those negative stereotypes and highlight the everyday acts of kindness of city dwellers.


                            Space Gallery Presents Emerging Artist Rafael Colon Opening Reception

                             Long Island City's Space Art Gallery launches its 2013-2014 season with the works of emerging artist Rafael Colón, who will present an exhibition to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP).

                   EVENT OF THE DAY: Opening reception for emerging artist Rafael Colon

                           ​  On Thursday, Space Gallery in Long Island City is holding the opening reception for emerging artist Rafael Colón, a former U.S. Marine who paints on fabrics, sneakers, apparel and skateboards.

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